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Due to COVID-19 we decided to discontinue Letzmap!

Thank you for your support and stay safe!

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... informations about what´s up in your area within seconds: Explore new things or make additions, meet new people and share what you enjoy doing!


... by using our Letzmap-Messenger to chat with others! Be it to try new sports, arts or foods: Locate like-minded people & create sustainable networks!


... and network with ease! Letzmap allows different ways of sharing and exchanging without invading the privacy of the users. No personal data is provided!

All this is Letzmap!

Join communities of interest in which you can view, rate, comment and even add your own favorite points for locations and people on an Open Street Map!

Frequently asked questions

Alone, with friends or family, combine your hobbies and interests in an easy and fun way. Mark and share your favorite places on the map – Find Letzmap…

Letzmap is free to use! 🙂

Unfortunately Letzmap is not available for Apple users at the moment.

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